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Gem of a hotel near Khoai Sonajhuri Haat at Santiniketan

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Santisudha & Khoai Sonajhuri Haat

The intriguing patterns caused by erosion on the vast easel of laterite soil could never be termed better than Khoai. The graffiti of time has mesmerized many and Rabindranath happened to be one of them. The ruthless beauty of this landscape during every season had been painted in words and tunes by  Gurudev and the place keeps attracting creative and ordinary souls ever since it was discovered. Romance with nature never ceases to exist for most of us. And people never stops visiting this place time and again. For Santisudha, Khoai comes as an inspiration that takes us to a different level of realisation. Everyday, we earnestly thank mother nature in silence for this wonderfully sublime gift.  


Santisudha & Sonajhuri Haat

Twenty years back or even more... less than a handful of creative persons of  Santiniketan explored the idea of organising a weekly art market in the saal forest of khoai.This weekly market or haat was really different. Primarily the market was meant  for painter, sculptor, potter, fine artisans. The masters of ethereal tunes, the bauls also joined this weekly celebration. Soon the news was spread  all over the places and people kept turning up in large number what the organiser called as Khoai Boner Annya Haat. With number of participants swelling up every Saturday, a new place within Khoai was found and the bigger Haat had shifted  in the midst of thousands of Sonajhuri trees. Gradually it became an iconic place of Santiniketan and to many it was known as Sonajhuri Haat. 


Santisudha... just two and half minutes' walk past Khoai Sonajhuri Haat

People from different walks of life and divergent tastes visit this area in thousands. You don't want to spoil your privacy of well earned holidays by this undesirable raucousness. Join the celebration for a while and then leave behind the world of cacophony. Delve into the world of silence and beauty of Santisudha.   


নিভৃত নির্জনে অন্য অবসর

খোয়াই - প্রকৃতির এক অসামান্য চিত্রকল্প। রুক্ষ বালি পাথর মেশানো লাল ল্যটেরাইট মাটিতে জল আর বাতাস বলেছে তাদের গল্প। আমরা শুধু মুগ্ধ বিস্ময়ে দেখি তার রুপ। শাল, পিয়াল আর সোনাঝুরি সেই রুপের  সাক্ষী। তাদের কথা হয় বাতাসের সাথে, তারাও  রোদে পোড়ে, বৃষ্টিতে ভেজে আর খোয়াইকে করে তোলে আরও মোহময়ী। খোয়াইকে পাশে পেয়ে শান্তিসুধা ধন্য ।